CEO’s Messages

Children of Hope Alliance Foundation (CHIGAF) provide psychological help through basic counseling and physical needs to children. The foundation started with children of Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria. The children were accused of practicing witchcraft and therefore suffered various forms of cruel punishments. Though there are other countries in Africa where children have been accused of the same offense such as Ghana (West Africa), Kenya (East Africa), Nigeria (West Africa) and Congo (Central Africa) but Chigaf started its mission in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. The children could be as young as infancy age to adolescent age. They are taken away from their families and either left in deep bushes to fend for themselves, beaten or tortured to death.

Our goal is to continue to eradicate this type of beliefs by educating the parents and other villagers on the different stages of growth in children and the psychological needs at each stage, provide physical needs for hygiene purposes, clothing, school supplies and most importantly, food!

Since the intervention of the children of Akwa Ibom and child witchcraft crisis, CHIGAF has since moved on to providing mentoring services to at-risk youths in different places.

Mission Objective: To provide mentoring services for children and adolescents in crisis.

-Children are the future of tomorrow, parents are the way, and just like our slogan says, “making childhood more bearable and meaningful,” we are committed to helping these children get their lives back on track and enjoy their childhood-

-Olayinka Ponnle-