What We Do

The major militating obstacles to child survival in Nigeria and the developing world includes poverty, diseases and infirmity, malnutrition, gender discrimination, poor environmental orientation, poor access to important information (lack of information is misinformation), poor ideological and lack of parental positive impulse control. A serious problem exists in the rural villages of Nigeria, the nonchalant attitudes of parents towards the health of their children, inadequate supply of pipe-borne water by supply to the villages, and lack of adequate knowledge about different methods of simple water purification. All of these constitute the downward trend of neglected children.

The introduction of nongovernmental organizations, philanthropists, and certain branches of government will combat poor psychosocial development in the life of the children in Nigeria and other parts of the world. This is very necessary for the bright future of the country. The foundation is deeply involved in addressing the well-being of children/youths by organizing workshops, and symposiums that involve children in preparing mentally for the society. Proper training, complimentary nutrition, and simple methods of purifying water will contribute to the health of children.

Organization overview: CHIGAF is concentrating on “Nipping the Bud” of accused and abused children of both “child and women witchcraft” in Africa as well as providing mentoring services for at-risk youths. It is one thing to provide physical needs for the accused ones and it is another thing to stop it from happening again and again. Another important goal of CHIGAF is to get to the root of the problem by providing educational services and mentoring program.

Hope Counseling

Counseling to facilitate personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span with a focus on emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related issues, developmental, and organizational concerns.

Hope Mentoring

Guiding each child’s development

Hope Events and Workshops

Different educative and fun ideas for children, parents, guardians, villagers and family members in order to positively shape individual’s intellectual thinking globally.

Global Fun Field Trips

Our financial experts help you analyze financial data, to create a rock steady financial foundation.

Hope Clubs

Different club activities for youths

Summer Camps

Exploring different events and activities during summer

Women empowering/ backbone support

Empowering women through mentoring, trading, employment, education and parenting skills.

Book drive

Collection of books, stationeries, and classroom items to empower the less privileged children in Africa.

Orphans and motherless project

Assisting orphanage homes with hygienic and food supplies.

how You can Help Us

Hope programs will enable a child to:
Education and success in life, function well socially, psychologically and mentally within the society.