CHIGAF is a non-governmental and non-profitable foundation. The objectives of CHIGAF include focusing on the state of mind of neglected children as well as targeting physical needs. These objectives also concentrate on mental status, the perception of crisis, ways to cope with other psychological aspects of life and to make the children and adolescent advance with the global development. These are the initial steps; however, our long-term goals are to connect and focus on the state of mind of neglected children while dealing with the physical needs. Also, we strive to make sure that other involved member’s physiological needs are addressed as well. As we stated on our home page, the foundation started with the crisis of neglected children of Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria, but we will like to expand help to the other countries as we progress.

CHIGAF is also involved in providing a better future for at-risk teens/youths.

Mission: To provide mentoring services for children in crisis as well as at-risk youths and adolescents.

As part of CHIGAF’s effort in reaching out to the rural communities, in December 2012, chigaf shipped and distributed boxes of medical supplies ranging from bandages, Intravenous (IV) sets, hospital gowns, surgery gowns to sterile, catheter kits etc. to the children at Stepping Stones International School and to the local clinic in Eket Akwa Ibom. During our 2012 trip to Akwa Ibom Nigeria, we were given four acres of land by the local community as their support to build a standard hospital that will address the various issues on ground and at the same time provide employments.

As an organization we are using this medium to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the head Chief of Eket and his local community Chiefs, the elders and the people of Eset Eket, staffs and students of Stepping Stones Model School, our partner, Stepping Stones Nigeria Child Empowerment Foundation (SSNCEF) in Eket Akwa Ibom State, Midnight Crew especially Mike Abdul, Mrs, Tola at Silver-bird Television, (STV) Lagos State, Nigeria, Channels Television, Lagos State, Nigeria for the mini red carpet interview, Silver-bird Television and their staffs for the live TV interview at Victoria Island Lagos State, CHIGAF’s Nigerian Representative/Public Relation Officer (PRO) Mr. Tunde Eke for all your hospitality and kindness mostly for believing in what we stand for.

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In 2013, CHIGAF had its annual “Make a Summer Wish” program at the orphanage homes in Lagos Nigeria and the Ogun State Correctional Home in Abeokuta Nigeria. We were once again proud and happy to donate both educational and non-educational toys to the homes.

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CHIGAF is concentrating on
“Nipping the Bud” of accused and abused children of both “child and women witchcraft” in Africa

Our mission

To provide mentoring services for children in crisis as well as at-risk youths and adolescents.

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Hope programs will enable a child to:
Education and success in life, function well socially, psychologically and mentally within the society.