Hope Counseling-
Counseling to facilitate personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span with a focus on emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related issues, developmental, and organizational concerns.

Hope Mentoring-
Guiding each child’s development

Hope Events and Workshops-
Different educative and fun ideas for children, parents, guardians, villagers and family members in order to positively shape individual’s intellectual thinking globally.

Global Fun Field Trips-
Fun educational fair trips

Hope Clubs-
Different club activities for youths

Summer Camps-
Exploring different events and activities during summer

Women empowering/ backbone support-
Empowering women through mentoring, trading, employment, education and parenting skills.

African Hope Program
Book drive-
Collection of books, stationeries, and classroom items to empower the less privileged children in Africa.

Orphans and motherless project-
Assisting orphanage homes with hygienic and food supplies.

Women empowerment/ backbone support-
Empowering women through mentoring, assist in starting small-scale trading, employment

CHIGAF is concentrating on
“Nipping the Bud” of accused and abused children of both “child and women witchcraft” in Africa

Project Success


CHIGAF’s Project Success/Fresh Start Program

As the world is advancing with technology, so are the crime rates becoming more prevalent among adolescents and youths. More adolescents are on the street and not productive while some are incarcerated for either minor or major crimes. What do we do for our generations of tomorrow? How do we make an impact on their success?

Children of Hope Global Alliance Foundation (CHIGAF) strive to help eradicate unhealthy behaviors among teenagers and youths. CHIGAF’s unique program for the at-risk youths will foster an alternative measure to school suspension or county court systems. The program will aid youths in making positive decisions while staying in school to prepare for a successful future.

Program features
Primary Prevention is intended to reduce unhealthy behaviors.

Secondary Prevention is designed to help lower crime /negative behavior occurrences, as well as the rate of established court cases in order to reduce incarcerations.

Tertiary Prevention is expected to decrease the amount of repeated offending behaviors of incarcerated youths serving sentence term.

Primary- unhealthy behaviors including school suspensions, signs of rebellion, defying school and /parental and guardian rules, bullying, academic problems, impulsivity, attitude, etc.

Secondary- crime is already committed and the individual youth/teen is facing a sentencing judge.

Tertiary- individual youth/teen is already serving a sentence in a correctional facility.

CHIGAF’s unique program for specific groups

Programs for the primary group will foster self-confidence and growth in all areas. There will be an effort to help the young men and women contribute positively to the society. The youth/teen will be involved in programs that will enable him/her to finish high school, obtain high school diploma/ GED and proceed to college or vocational training. CHIGAF will work with different local employers for job placement.

Programs for the secondary group will foster self-confidence and growth in all areas. CHIGAF will strive to work with the sentencing judge to enroll the offending teen/youth in our program. In the program, the individual will work on obtaining his/her high school diploma/ GED, enroll in college, attend vocational training, look for an employment and obtain a job. Attendees are required to graduate from the program without getting in trouble with the law during the course of the program. Graduation will also take place before the next court date. (There are cases where the judge can set one or two court dates in-between the program and final court date in order to monitor the individual). Once the graduation is completed and an employment is secured, the sentencing judge will review the case again and proceed to pardon the individual by dismissing the case, serve a community program and finally expunge or seal the record. This is our second chance program that is aimed at starting a new beginning.

The tertiary program will foster self-confidence and growth in all areas. Individuals in this program are already serving a jail term for the offense committed. Nevertheless, we still believe and have hope in them. The program will enable them to change their lives by making a commitment to change positively. While incarcerated, they will strive to reach their full potential and promote positive behavior and communication skills. The program is also designed for offenders to serve their sentence peacefully without getting in trouble or getting writes ups from correctional officers. Once the offender has served his or her term, they take preventive measures to not return back to prison or any correctional facilities. We pledge to foster educational and vocational training as well as obtaining employment after release from the facility.

We work with the court system particularly the sentencing judge to allow the delinquent youth to come through our intense program rather than been sentenced to prison. Some of the intense programs include prevention and reduction of drug abuse, assessments and preparatory classes, after school/evening tutoring and activities etc.

Working towards obtaining a G.E.D certificate/ high school diploma

After school tutoring programs and activities

Targeting issues such as low self-esteem, body image, and etiquette

Helping to correct delinquent behaviors

Teaching our boys on ways of becoming intellectual, matured and successful men while adhering to the laws and authority.

Focusing on long and short-term goals while aiming for the highest goal possible.

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Hope programs will enable a child to:
Education and success in life, function well socially, psychologically and mentally within the society.